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“let the beauty we love be what we do.”

Dr. Heather Heenehan received her Ph.D. in Marine Science and Conservation and Master of Environmental Management from Duke University, spending most of her time at the Duke University Marine Laboratory in Beaufort, NC. For her dissertation she worked on the Soundscape Ecology of Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin Resting Bays for her dissertation using acoustics as a tool to understand how the dolphins use different areas, how humans affect the soundscape and how our activities affect the animals.

Dr. Heenehan is an experienced and award-winning teacher, having received the 2016 Duke University Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. For the 2017-2018 academic year Dr. Heenehan joined the faculty of the Environmental Studies Department at University of New England in Biddeford, Maine as a Visiting Assistant Lecturer where she taught six sections of “Introduction to Environmental Issues” a required core course for almost every student at the University and one section of “Pathways of Pollution: Science, Service Learning and Solutions” an upper level science elective.

She spent more than a year after finishing her Ph.D. working as a postdoctoral researcher at the NOAA Northeast Fisheries Science Center in the Passive Acoustics Group led by Dr. Sofie Van Parijs. Dr. Heenehan’s research focuses on acoustics as a tool to learn about the ocean and the animals that live there, with a focus on soundscape and marine mammals.

Dr. Heenehan graduated from the University of Connecticut with a B.S. in Environmental Science and graduated with her Master of Environmental Management degree from Duke University in Coastal Environmental Management. Her master’s project focused on spinner dolphins around the Island of Hawaii and the impacts of human interactions (tourism) on these dolphins. Her project culminated in From Norris to Now, a web-based timeline on the evolution of spinner dolphin science and management and a publication in the Journal of Sustainable Tourism, “Using Ostrom’s common-pool resource theory to build toward an integrated ecosystem-based sustainable cetacean tourism system in Hawai`i.”

She is also a passionate about outreach and science communication. She is on the leadership team and Executive Board for the Scientific Research and Education Network (SciREN). SciREN, is a 501c3 aimed at connecting scientists with educators. The goal of SciREN is to foster the translation and dissemination of current scientific work to educators and to help enhance the science literacy of today’s youth. Heenehan is also passionate about encouraging girls to pursue STEM fields and has participated in many events targeting girls in STEM.


Please use this link for a PDF of my CV (updated March 2018) Heenehan_CV


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