Spreading the word

In my last blog I mentioned a few of the final projects my ENV104 Introduction to Environmental Issues students completed last semester. Both semesters the assignment was to take an environmental issue, create something, and share it with the world! To spread the word and share some “ENV104 Optimism.”

Well, they were awesome last semester and they were awesome again this semester. So awesome, I wanted to find a way to share them with an even wider audience and to archive them for future students and others to enjoy and appreciate!

And now, thanks to the University of New England library’s Scholarly Communication Librarian Bethany Kenyon and the Digital UNE platform, some of these final projects are available online and available for download! So far we have children’s books and artwork and I’m hoping there will be a few others added soon. You can check out the collection here:


Screenshot 2018-05-16 15.21.57

In addition to my Introduction to Environmental Issues class I also taught an upper-level science elective class called ENV398 Pathways of Pollution. If you would like to know more about this class please check out our class blog here:


Screenshot 2018-05-16 15.29.01.png

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